Brandy is the fifth member of our family. She was a farm girl looking for a forever home and found us. Her Momma was a Chocolate Lab and her Pa was a Golden Retriever. When the sun hits her just right you can see her Mommas colour. Brandy is no friend of water. We have had long talks about her family history and water , she is not buying into it. Brandy loves sun tanning and her family. She is very protective of her family and her home.

Unfortunately we lost Brandy the summer of 2023, she was almost 16. Her favourite thing was to explore, together we explored parks, nature, historical sites and the country side. We met so many interesting people and creatures on the trails. We saw sunsets and sunrises that stopped us in our tracks with their beauty. Brandy was never trained as a service dog, somehow she knew when I needed help on the hikes and would stand by my side or guide us out. I know Brandy wouldn’t have slowed down if her poor old body would have been able to keep up to her will.

Not everyone sees pets or connects to pets the same way. For us Brandy was family. She had a personality that was all hers. She could communicate with her eyes , leaving you with no doubt the message she was trying to say. “ You’re not going to eat all of that by yourself are you?”, “ I love you.” ,”This is fun, can we keep going?”, “ Are you okay?”, “ It’s okay it’s time.”.

Brandy is going to be missed by her family and by her many friends. Brandy left behind some of her stories from her adventures for us to look back on, she was a true explorer. I know exploring is what she is doing right now. At the bottom of the page is an opportunity to like or share a comment or maybe a story about how you connected with our girl. You are missed dearly, Brandy.

BFFs out for a walk
A little rest after a two hour walk
Enjoying the day at a new park

Inspired by our senior black lab, Brandy.

Playing in the Snow

Had a visit to the Groomer for some well deserved pampering. Someone has her Pretty on.

At Fourteen

Looking Good on Grooming Day

Snow day in St Vital Park January 23 2022

To honour our friend

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