A Child Never Held

We have been blessed with two amazing children. Our son now twenty, we adopted and he came to us when he was three days old. Our daughter we gave birth to four and a half years later, she will be sixteen this year. We couldnโ€™t be happier with how things have worked out for us... Continue Reading →


Acknowledging and labeling our identity is a hot topic today. Somehow we need to know what sex or absence of sex we are, who we have or donโ€™t have sex with, what mental state we are in or what physical ability we have or don't have, what religion we are or what color our skin... Continue Reading →

Trailer Park Kids

Trailer Park Kids As a family we moved a lot, in fact we lived in six small towns before I was ten. We then moved to the big city of Winnipeg and even being there didnโ€™t allow us to grow roots that took. We lived in four more homes in different neighbourhoods from grade four... Continue Reading →


Penny This is one of those tales that makes you go hmmmmm. For this story it is important to know that we waited a long time for our first child. We tried to start our family and for many years we had no luck. Then we were blessed with our son Bailey that we adopted... Continue Reading →

Night Pleasures

I awaken in the middle of the night barely aware that my hand is already on it moving back and forth. Slowly, hardly noticing the pressure but starting to feel the pleasure starting to build. My hand starts to move a little faster, I know I should stop, already Iโ€™m reaching that point where I... Continue Reading →

Basketball ๐Ÿ€ Parents

Basketball Parents Our family has been involved in the girls basketball organizations in our area since our daughter was nine, she is now fifteen. She has played in as many as three different leagues in a season and two seasons a year since she started. She played on several different teams for different coaches. This... Continue Reading →

The World Will Be As One

โ€œCongratulations to all the teenage kids who organized the marches across the USA on Saturday, raised money for flights, buses, television crews, made signs exceeding their vocabulary and arranged for hundreds of thousands of hotels, that's pretty impressive for a bunch of kidsโ€, โ€œmedia puppetsโ€ These are quotes from Facebook that refer to the thousands... Continue Reading →

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