Karma for Dad

Being a father of a teenage daughter has to be the definition of Karma.

You start to notice that she doesn’t need your help as much. “ I can do it daddy”, is the line that makes you the most proud, and hurts the most at the same time. The little girl that once looked up to you, now goes to her girl friends for advice and consulting.

The conversation turns to boys, but it’s not directed to you. You catch bits and pieces in passing, a name here and there, but never enough to put a whole story together, but enough to make it difficult to fall asleep.

You want to trust her to make the right choices. You’ve had long talks about young relationships, about respecting herself, and that we are always there for her if she needs us. You aren’t the one she goes to for answers now. It’s the teen support group she spends all her time with that has the answers to the worlds problems for her now.


Boys, those bastards that will never be good enough for my baby, start circling like a Thom cat looking for a female cat in heat. How do you keep the little monsters away, while she dreams of romance and love? Some how I have to protect her from getting hurt.

I’m not sure how I survived my teen dating years with out rock salt in the ass, not that I didn’t respect the girls I dated, I did at least, I think I did, I’m sure I’ll hear about it after this is posted. I know I wasn’t the best influence for anyone then. Knowing who that kid was back then, assures any boy knocking on our door will be compared to that kid, that makes for one hell of a handicap to work out of. I’ll be damned if some punk with his pants below his ass, living in the burbs with an East L.A. attitude, is going to screw up the future of my hounor student and her potential for an academic and a basketball scholarship. No one messes with my baby girl.

That’s the hard ass dad, the dad, the one wrapped around the little girls finger, that dad that looks on with a pain in his chest. That’s the pain of worry, the hope, the fear, and the dream. That’s the dad that wants her to experience all that life has to offer her, even if it means dumb ass boys.

1. I Will Go To Jail For Her.
2. Her Body Her Rules.
3. You Hurt Her I’ll Hurt You.
4. Never Separate Her From Her Friends.
5. Be With Her Not Her Body.
6. Don’t Lie To Me.
7. You Get One Chance.
8. I Will Go To To Jail For Her.

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  1. I think every daughter, needs their Dad in their life, no matter how old they are. I was Daddy's little girl up to a certain age. So I know how that can feel. She needs you, even though she thinks she doesn't. My advise don't leave. Don't back away. Give space yeah. But don't let go to far. Crap can happen, whether or not stay close.Later on She will Love you for it. let her always walk in without a key. She needs you as much as you need her.

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