Dream or Memory

Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid that you question whether it may have been a memory?

I had one of those last night or I should I say, early this morning, during one of those sleeps where you were awake for a short time but was able to fall back to sleep. That’s the sleep where the dream took place.

We are all familiar with those commercial strip malls in the industrial parks. They have a drive entrance and exit creating a horse shore shape around the mall. Generally, the front of the mall has enough room for two lanes of traffic and a row for parking and a sidewalk along the front of the stores.

The dream takes place in one of those parking lots. The scene is heavy snow maybe six inches deep.
I’m driving in a white pickup truck in the right hand lane nearing the far end of the mall from the entrance. I’m being followed by another pickup. Rounding the corner of the end of the mall backing up, is a flat bed trailer of a semi truck pushing through the snow. I veer to the right into the parking area to avoid the trailer and the pickup behind me goes into the left lane next to the side walk. There are three men walking on the sidewalk near to the action.

Behind the second pickup was another semi truck, this one green, following us in, he continued forward. While passing the second pickup, the green semi bumps the other pickup up onto the sidewalk. This created a pile of snow under the pickup lifting the drivers side tires off the ground and on to the side of the building, some how the pickup continues driving forward. One of the men walking on the sidewalk was bumped into the snow between the pickup and the side of the building. He is tossed around in the snow and dragged along with the pickup. The other two men are in front of the pickup and don’t see it coming at them. Before they know it, they are caught up in the snow that is being pushed by the pickup and end up under the pickup bouncing off the side of the building and the sidewalk.

As the green semi passes me, it bumps into the side of my pickup, and then just misses the front of the semi that was backing around the corner. That’s when one more semi drives around the corner of the building, this one slams head on into the green semi hitting it at the front of its trailer, causing the green truck to separate from its own trailer.

The green semis momentum is enough to keep it driving forward towards a chain link fence in the corner of the parking lot. With help from a pile of snow in the corner of the lot, I guess the impact of the collision with the other semi, and dream physics, the green semi drove up the snow pile and over the fence.

From what I could tell, before i woke up, the three men from the sidewalk escaped, bumped and scraped but otherwise ok.

They say dreams are trying to tell us something, if there is a message here, it’s not slapping me in the face.

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