Key Chain

Key Chain For many years I carried several key chains. The one for work had keys for padlocks, keys to access doors, it even had keys to access boxes that have keys in them. I had my van keys and my remote starter with security. I also had a key chain with my house keys.... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stay Alone

Don’t Stay Alone I once worked for a group home with mentally challenged young adults. The house they lived in was in an older area of the city, where most of the houses were what would be called, character homes. This was one of those. It had high ceilings and tall windows that went to... Continue Reading →

Walking A Mile In My Shoes

Walk A Mile In My Shoes I saw a meme recently that said “ Never mind ‘walkin a mile in my shoes’...Try spending a day in my head.”. It made me think how would I describe what it’s like in mine with a traumatic brain injury. Let’s see, you would wake up early around 5:30... Continue Reading →

Protecting Princess

Protecting Princess It’s ten O’Clock and you are sitting in the back yard with your dog and you hear a noise. It’s the shed door caught in the breeze banging against the side of the shed. You run in the house to tell me about the door. I asked if you closed it? You said... Continue Reading →


Jupiter Imagine you are four years old and you are told that you were adopted. You have autism and no one knows yet. You have above average problem solving capabilities. You know who your birth mother is and you have met many of your birth family. This is how our son rationalized his situation: He... Continue Reading →

Taking Time

Taking Time “How are you doing?” We ask and respond to this question, what, maybe a couple dozen times a week? Maybe more. I have never really given the question much thought, it’s just a greeting you throw out. What I have noticed is that, if I take the time to respond to the question,... Continue Reading →


Tom It was one of those perfect fall September days, the sun was warm, the trees were turning, they had become that copper gold colour. It was one of those days you wanted to drive with the windows open and the radio up. I was driving passed the college when a car pulled out in... Continue Reading →

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