Did I Really See That

This is my Photo Gallery collection of Misfit Photos. Pictures taken at locations not likely to be return to or moments not likely to be repeated.

Glass Balls
Polished Stone on Glass Balls
The green ribbon symbolizes Traumatic Brain Injury
Acupuncture treatment for my TBI
Puzzle 🧩 symbolizes for Autism. The tattoo is for my son.
In the Garden After the Thunderstorm
Banana in doorway.
Paint peeling off a car trunk lid. Looks like a map.
Cigarette dispenser in Cuba.
Magic Nails.
Ten Second Basket
Less Than 1% Juice.
Giant Floor Lamp.
Yellow Day Lilly
Crown Royal in the Park
Sofa In The Woods
Sofa In The Woods
A Seed Floating on a warm Breeze
Calvin Klein Short’s found in front yard
Lantern Shade in the Field
Green Tomato
You are in my spot.
Bicycle lock in a tree.
Dog in a cage.
Separation, Lost bike
Hard night
Tree chained so it isn’t stolen
Lost Shopping Cart
Foggy morning
Weathered and rusted post
Street Light
You know winter is here when all the heavy equipment comes out
There is a sad spirit face in the tree
This is what happens when you leave your car running and in reverse when your run into the store. It slowly drives backwards until it hits something.

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