In The Streets

This is a collection of images I took that caught my eye while I was out roaming the streets.

Lights Down
Off The Highway
Walking in a Small Town
House For Sale, fixer upper
Finding shelter underneath the bridge.
A young soul lost their friend in the road after a flash flood.
Caught Herbie racing by. Lucky to have my camera ready.
This Panda was left to greet volunteers cleaning up after a flash flood.
Alone In The Streets
Canadian Geese
Exposed Mnahole
All I Want For Xmas Is Presents For Grandkids
Driving Without Lights

The convoy is part of the Law Enforcement Torch Run, a fundraiser and awareness campaign for Special Olympics Manitoba.

Bus Shelter Residence
Collecting Butts

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  1. This is amazing and you are very courageous! I don’t imagine I can walk a mile in your shoes after reading your story and that’s courageous! Keep your head up darl.

  2. I find it really fascinating to see where others live, so I really enjoyed looking at your pictures.

  3. You just gave me an idea on what to do this week with the grandkids. I’m going to go drive around and let them get photos like this. The flowers made me sad because I know that someone passed away there more than likely. I can’t believe that person is just lying there lol. And that cute bunny, oh my.

  4. Oh the little rabbit is so cute. It’s the raw, everyday things we need to notice. Great gallery.

  5. OMG you took a photo of Herbie!! I used to love that movie when I was little. I remember watching it with my mama when I was home with the chickenpox in second grade. (I know, I’m showing my age with comment. lol)

  6. Interesting perspectives in your photos. You have captures all sorts, from little pieces of life to very strange things, like the guy laying on the pavement half naked.

  7. Those were interesting collection of pictures. I felt differently upon seeing some of them.

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