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  1. Our niece and nephew love Disney World. Your pictures are so fantastic. We want to go back soon.

  2. This all looks like it would be so much fun! I know that we are trying to take our kids in the near future.

  3. Oh my goodness I just want to climb into your pictures and never leave! Thank you so much for sharing such a gorgeous trip with all of us!

  4. Gorgeous! Disney World is high on my list of places to visit, it looks incredible. I love everything about it and I haven’t even been there yet!

  5. What a wonderful experience. I’ve been meaning to travel to Disney with the kiddos.

  6. Those pics are so full of fun, it makes it hard to stay working in front of the computer….sort of makes you yearn for a vacation.
    – Nandita

  7. A long time since I visited Disney World but it still looks magical. I’ll have to take the kids one day. Great pictures.

  8. Going to Disney World is such an amazing experience. It’s been years since we last visited Disneyland HK and given the chance, I would love to visit other Disney theme parks across the globe.

  9. We went to Disney for the first time a few years ago. I have to say it was fun, really hot the day we went but really enjoyed it!!

  10. LOVE Disney! It’s been forever since I’ve gone but I would totally love to check it out soon

  11. I haven’t visited Disney since I was a kid (and definitely don’t remember any of it). Seeing your pics makes me want to go again as an adult!

  12. I’m sorry to hear of your head injury resulting in memory loss:( photographs are a great way to keep memories alive! Great pictures of Disney, looks like a fun trip!

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